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3 Real Estate Property Trends to Watch in June

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We have been almost halfway through 2022. And as has happened over the past few years, the real estate property trends landscape remains in flux continuously. So whether you are interested in the sector, staying on the latest trends may be more important now than before.

By remembering that, let’s take a peek at some new developments to supervise when we go to summer in housing, industry, and holiday rental and explore how investors can be affected.

1. Property Trends Housing supply finally increased

When searching for a local list, it is common for a while now to find anything other than “delayed” and “under contract” property. But it seems like it began to change. While the right percentage varies by location, May see a significant increase in the list of new houses, more than any month since June 2019, according to housing data May 2022 Realor.com. Which said, prices are still high and the time in the market remains low.

So will the price fall immediately after the inventory rises and the interest rates remain high? It is a topic that is debated with heat now. This is all about demand, which does not slow down as much as you think in response to the current conditions. People who want to move and be able to do it will continue, even if they have to pay more than they want in the process. Demand slowed slightly in several regions, and prices softened some as a response.

The only thing that is a definite thing is that this is a situation that must be considered in your area if you are interested in buying investment properties.

2. Some unexpected waves in the industrial sector

Many real estate property trends investors are disappointed with their investment performance during the Pandemic. Unfortunately, a safer lifestyle at home takes great victims of everything ranging from offices, retail, and restaurants to experience, medical, and even senior living facilities.

But if the industrial property represents most of your portfolio at that time, you are most likely sitting beautifully. The industry stands out as a kind of golden child among commercial sectors. The warehouse is as important as whether people shop, especially directly or online.

But now things that are not thought of have happened: Amazon has announced its intention to reduce its warehouse space in responding to slowing sales growth. Retailers, of course, have become one of the most prominent figures in industrial real estate property trends for many years. So how damaging this step is for this sector as a whole?

According to Wall Street Journal, analysts expect other retailers to take sagging in the near future. Many big retailers also keep more warehouse space than they usually need to make sure they can store enough inventory to stay in front of further supply chain problems.

This announcement is meaningless to panic – far from that because rent and requests remain strong here. Investors may only want to oversee this space for further development. This is the first clue that we have seen for a long time that industrial real estate can do anything other than continue to explode.

3. Rent a vacation vs Gas and Inflation Price Increase

Rent a holiday hotter than before entering 2022, and it is not hyperbole. According to Airbnb’s short-term data analysis, short-term rental owners actually got the highest average annual income last year. However, the revelation was accompanied by the prediction that this year’s number will see a slight decline due to supply following demand, but then things will continue the trend in the future.

But of course, the prediction does not take into account the current level of inflation that we face, which reached the highest in 40 years in March. So, is a bright prediction now worthless?

Not necessarily. A new AAA poll found that 70% of respondents planned to travel the same as this summer – or even more – despite the increase in gas prices. And while the final number does not exist

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