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Plan Your Trip: Lincoln Financial Field Parking Lots Guide

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Attending an event at Lincoln Financial Field can be an exciting experience, but navigating the parking lots can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you plan your journey and ensure a hassle-free stadium visit. Whether you’re going to a football game or a concert, these tips will help you navigate the Lincoln Financial Field parking lots with ease.

When it comes to parking at Lincoln Financial Field, it’s important to plan ahead. There are several parking lots around the stadium, with varying costs depending on proximity and availability. By planning ahead and selecting the right lot for your needs, you can save time and money.

If you’re looking for a stress-free parking experience, we recommend arriving early to secure a spot in one of the closer lots. Not only will this provide convenient access to the stadium, but it will also give you time to explore the surrounding area before the event begins.

In addition to planning ahead and arriving early, it’s also important to familiarize yourself with the layout of the Lincoln Financial Field parking lot. By understanding the flow of traffic and the location of your chosen lot, you’ll be able to navigate the area with ease and avoid unnecessary delays or confusion.

With these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to a hassle-free stadium visit. Remember to plan ahead, arrive early, and familiarize yourself with the layout of the parking lots. By doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy your event at Lincoln Financial Field without any unnecessary stress or frustration.

Lincoln Financial Field Parking Lot: What You Need to Know

Attending an event at Lincoln Financial Field can be an exciting experience, but parking can be a hassle if you’re not prepared. In this section, we’ll provide important information about the parking lots at Lincoln Financial Field to help you plan your visit.

Are The Parking Lots Covered?

Lincoln Financial Field has a variety of parking options, both covered and uncovered. Is Lincoln Financial Field Covered parking can be found in Lots D and J, which are located on opposite sides of the stadium. These lots offer protection from the elements and are a great option for those who want to stay dry in case of rain or snow.

If you prefer uncovered parking, there are many options available in the remaining lots. While you won’t be sheltered from the weather, uncovered parking can be a more affordable option and offer more flexibility in terms of location and availability.

Finding The Best Seats

When it comes to finding the Best Seats at Lincoln Financial field, it’s important to consider your preferences and budget. Higher-priced seats typically offer better views, but they may not be affordable for everyone.

For football games, the best seats are often located in the lower level near the 50-yard line. For concerts, the best seats will vary depending on the stage setup, but front-row seats or those in the pit area near the stage are often considered the best.

It’s important to note that some parking lots offer access to specific sections of the stadium, so be sure to check the map before choosing a parking spot to ensure you’re in a convenient location.

Kenny Chesney at Lincoln Financial Field: Parking and Tips

Attending a Kenny Chesney Lincoln Financial Field concert at Lincoln Financial Field is an unforgettable experience, but finding parking can be a challenge. Follow these tips to ensure your journey is hassle-free.

Parking Options

There are several parking options available near Lincoln Financial Field, including the stadium’s own parking lots and nearby garages. It is recommended to pre-purchase parking passes to avoid the hassle of finding a spot on the day of the event.

If you’re looking for affordable parking options, consider parking in the surrounding neighborhoods and taking public transportation to the stadium. Be aware of any parking restrictions and make sure to park in designated legal spots.

Arrive Early

To avoid the last-minute rush and find the best parking spots, it is recommended to arrive at least two hours before the concert starts. This will give you enough time to park your car, walk to the stadium, and grab some food or drinks before the show.

Bring Cash

Some parking lots accept cash only, so make sure you bring enough cash with you to avoid any inconvenience. Keep your cash in a safe place and avoid carrying large amounts of cash.


Tailgating is a great way to enjoy the pre-concert atmosphere and connect with fellow fans. However, be aware of the stadium’s tailgating policy and follow all rules and regulations. Do not drink and drive, and dispose of all trash properly.

By following these tips, you can enjoy a stress-free and unforgettable Kenny Chesney concert at Lincoln Financial Field.


Are the parking lots at Lincoln Financial Fields covered?

No, the parking lots at Lincoln Financial Field are not covered. It is important to plan accordingly and prepare for potential weather conditions.

How can I find the best seats in the stadium?

To find the best seats in the stadium, we recommend checking the seating chart and considering factors such as proximity to the stage or field, sightlines, and personal preferences for viewing angles. Be sure to book your tickets early to have a wider selection of seating options.

What parking options are available for the Kenny Chesney concert at Lincoln Financial Fields?

There are several parking options available for the Kenny Chesney concert at Lincoln Financial Fields. The stadium offers on-site parking, but it may get crowded. You can also consider nearby parking lots or public transportation options for convenience and ease of access.

What tips do you have for a smooth parking experience at Lincoln Financial Fields?

To ensure a smooth parking experience at Lincoln Financial Fields, we recommend arriving early to secure a parking spot, familiarizing yourself with the parking lot layout beforehand, and following any directions or instructions provided by parking attendants. Additionally, consider carpooling or using ride-sharing services to reduce traffic and parking congestion.

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