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Andro became a supplier that meets the requirements of the Leonardo helicopter

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Andro, a pioneer in the production of the volume of the next generation of hydraulic power and fluid system through metal additive manufacturing (AM) and metal desktop subsidiaries (Nyse: DM), has become a quality supplier of aluminum flight parts for leading aerospace, defense), and company Leonardo’s security through the helicopter division. In addition, Andro is one of only two suppliers who receive declarations for the process qualifications for making additives with the Leonardo helicopter.

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Andro has become a supplier that meets the requirements of aluminum flight parts for Leonardo’s leading aerospace, defense and security companies through the helicopter division. The aerospace industry is an ideal sector to take advantage of the benefits of additive manufacturing, including opening up the possibility for lightweight components and compact and complex components. 

“We are proud to be chosen by Leonardo Helicopters as suppliers who meet the requirements of 3D aluminum print aviation parts,” said Tommaso Tirelli, CEO and VP of the Aidro Business Development. “The components we produce for Leonardo helicopter are the part that requires extensive knowledge in managing fluids and fluid power, which has always been the primary competence of Aidro. This is an excellent opportunity for our company to show how end-users such as Leonardo can use additive technology to achieve significant weight savings and reduce the number of components. “

Leonardo helicopter offers a variety of modern helicopters for commercial industries, public services, security, and defense deployed in more than 150 countries worldwide. The company manages all stages of research, design, development, production, customer support, and training for sophisticated vertical flight solutions- from a single-engine category of 1.8 tons to 16 tons of engine aircraft- to allow operators to carry out the missions efficiently and safely.

“Leonardo is committed to introducing and expanding the use of additive manufacturing on his rotorcraft products, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by his unique abilities,” said Dario Bonanno, Industrial Engineering Manager for Leonardo. “The availability of qualified supply chains is a fundamental requirement to support the sustainability of the company’s technology road map industry.”

The aerospace industry is an ideal sector to take advantage of the benefits of additive manufacturing, including opening up the possibility for lightweight components and compact and complex components. In the aerospace industry, which is highly regulated where safety is the most important, AM metal requires qualifications before use. Andro reached US/EN9100 certification in 2018, thereby gaining access to the aerospace industry and enabling businesses to entertain collaboration with various companies in this sector.

“In addition to supporting Leonardo with design, Aidro also held a training session and shared knowledge about additive manufacturing with its employees,” said Valeria Tirelli, President and CEO of Aidro. “Joining with the strength and process of sustainable joint learning becomes essential in a fast-changing environment to design, create, and re-create high-value products. With the roots with us in northern Italy and the combined expertise of our team, we believe that the sky is a boundary with Leonardo. “

About Aidro Leonardo helicopter

Andro SRL, founded in 1982 and headquartered in Italy, is a pioneer in designing and producing components for the hydraulic and fluid power systems through additive manufacturing, including the binding and fusion technology of the laser powder. Andro offers innovative and unique solutions that utilize the benefits of additive manufacturing, including lightweight, consolidation of assembly, and improvement of performance, to customers in all sectors such as oil & gas, industry, agriculture, aerospace, and mobile machines, and industry, among others. Andro Is

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